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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 29, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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lanes at the last second and he hits the pursuing deputy car. the video that changed both men's lives forever. a restaurant becomes the scene of a girl fight. in fact, five girls. what happens when one dude decides to take them all on. some students help a homeless man, but it turns out
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the video was staged. see the guy with a lot of explaining to do. he's getting psyched up for a jump. >> it's going to be crazy. watch. >> the one five-story leap of faith. >> what th the man behind the wheel of that silver taurus you see being chased by a milwaukee county deputy is kevin b. hutch inside, jr. this is his third dui offense. his blood alcohol level was .18. he spent nearly a decade in prison for what you're about to see happen up ahead. >> oh, my goodness. >> he really tried to cut that exit at the very last second and totally missed. >> he did. his car spins 180, and he hits the pursuing deputy car. the video this intense accident was caught from several different angles. >> another deputy involved in
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the chase had minor injuries. the deputy in the car that picked up the video suffered serious injury. his name is scott griffin, and scott testifies at kevin's sentencing that he can no longer work. he still suffers pain and also suffers from anxiety and depression and will have to leave law enforcement because of this accident. >> now he has to get a whole new cierra whole new job. >> all because the of this guy. >> safety, fleeing, eluding and owi causing injury. while in court hutchins said he needed to be punished. he was sorry his punishment didn't equal what happened to the deputy in this incident. i don't know if you call what this guy does in this video
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chivalry or you just say, dude, what are you doing? this video was captured in china. what you've got going on in a girl fight. in fact, five girls. >> they all beating up the same girl. >> it does look like they are on the same girl. it does look like the fight is about to settle down. there's a dude that's not happy about the fact these girls are fi. >> do you see them fly in off the left side of the screen kung fu style. >> you can't get in and start fighting with these girls. >> you were on the what are you doing side of things. >> what if that's a girlfriend or wife on the ground and all these people are attacking. >> you can't let the man just pull them away from the other girl, try and get the girl getting beat up out of the situation. you don't go in on a karate kick. >> if that was you on the ground getting pummeled by five girls,
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what would you want me to do? >> i would want you to karate kick them. >> i would want you to help but not by punching a girl out. >> violence against a girl never okay including getting kicked. >> he doesn't effectively break up the fight but creates a fight of his own. >> either way the girl shouldn't have been beating up the girl, he shouldn't do this. it's a bunch of wrongs. >> it doesn't seem he deescalates the situation in any way. this is a wonderful gesture on video by three german students who decided to help a homeless man. can i borrow your bucket, the man says. he takes the bucket, turns it upside down and starts playing music with it, then he takes his own hat off, puts it right in
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front of the homeless man. before you know it, a second student shows up with a guitar. they start playing a song. ♪ ♪ >> the third german student joins them and they all start singing in front of that crowd of people that's already formed in front of them. you notice people do start putting money in the hat. the video posted on youtube, immediately went viral. more than a million views. guess what, it turns out this video was staged. >> so the guy is not even a homeless guy. >> the homeless guy is an actor they got to play the part. >> now i don't like it. >> why did they do that? >> these guys claimed they have a charity in germany. second video they didn't want to exploit a real homeless person for the purpose of the video. they also say they have done this many times before in real
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situations with real homeless people but never recorded it in video. >> basically an advertisement more than it is a viral video. >> i'm thrilled they actually are helping people but i don't like the way they went about getting publicity out there. >> that's exactly how some people feel. the guys do apologize for anyone that was offended by this but they still hope people support their charity. the crazy meter on this one goes from five to ten on a road to manila in philippines, a busy road. these are together, guy in the blue shirt and white shirt. they came out of the suv. they are in an altercation with the taxi driver. the taxi driver gets out. the guy aggressive with the blue shirt, he's got a little fanny pack. watch what he does when the cabdriver comes out of the cab. >> he had a gun in his fanny pack? >> exactly. he pulls the gun quickly on the cabdriver in the red shirt. can you see back and forth the guys are fighting.
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one report said the cabdriver may or may not have had a knife before the guy pulled a gun. all this captured on a bus. you can hear how concerne people are on the bus. the guy goes back to his suv, trades in his you can see now he's got a knife. >> i'm kind of surprised the guy in the red shirt didn't back off. when the guy pointed the gun at him, he didn't react like i give up. >> the cabdriver upset about something. you can see lots of people upset about what's going on. not to mention this is a busy road. people are having to get around. the guy gets back in his vehicle, this guy gets in the suv with his buddy. they get out again, continue to fight. unable to see how the thing ends but apparently police in the area are investigating and trying to investigate these guys because what they are doing definitely isn't right. uk, posted on facebook, you see a big policeman there.
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a female officer gets into the van. he backs up and then backs up right into the fiat. she gets out and goes to assess the situation here and almost looks like she starts to write herself a ticket. that's a very large space to back up in. >> she has apologized and admitted to the responsibility so i'm sure she'll have to account for the damages. >> it's a small car. maybe she couldn't see it on either side of her. >> that is what you notice, when you go to the uk, they have got some tiny vehicles. waldo the goat wasn't doing so well, so he got laser therapy, massage therapy. they were stretching. the special treatment that got him up and at 'em. one dude's miraculous escape after being rundown. >> he's under there. at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
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we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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petting zoo goat. he lives at the woodland park zoo. he had an injury, an injury where they discovered he had compressed disks in his neck and spine. he has pelvic problems. he was reluctant to be active. they discovered, you know what, he's got an injury. lets give him some rehab. rehab like humans get. he got laser therapy, massage
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therapy. they were stretching. >> wait a minute. he lives in a petting zoo. isn't that like massage therapy every day. >> they were working on him. here they are applying the laser. this is something you expect a human to undergo. they are doing this for waldo. they say he provides a service to the community. >> of course they take care of him. he's in pain. >> these are rails used for dogs. they thought, lets use it for him. if you saw something that looks remote lick like agility balls, they have one for him to stretch his legs out on. see that. they also made a custom special jacket, like a human getting therapy, he gets ice treatments and cold treatments. here you see them putting ice into the custom jacket made for him. the good news is waldo is getting a lot better. it's amazing they are doing all this stuff, weight shifting, ice
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and cold. never a dull moment on russian roads. thankfully dash cams are there to capture all the actions. wet road, tractor-trailer up ahead. already an accident. overturned tractor-trailer. it gets worse. watch. that tractor-trailer jackknifed because the traffic in front of it slowed down too quickly. it crashes into that tractor-trailer in front of the dash-cam. boom, erupts in flames. take a look. that's a tanker truck. >> that's why the explosion. >> the explosion initially came from the cab. the gas tanks on the side, those ruptured. watch this, though. did you notice driver hopped out, cool, calm, collected, right out of that fireball. here he is, no injuries. look what happens up here. the nissan suv is slowing dn becae of this incident. th causes tractor-trailer
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to try to avoid hitting that suv. it pulls off to the right. the next car slows down, then the tractor-trailer that explodes comes flying into the picture. >> technically this entire thing caused by rubber necking. >> three guys hanging out on the curb passing the day away. there goes a dog, nothing special going on except you're almost killed, wiped off the face of the planet when the truck loses control, comes up on the curb, smashes into the wall of the house. two guys jump up and walk away. where is the third? >> oh, no. he's under it. >> right. that guy comes crawling out from underneath that truck that just hit him. he's obviously injured but not seriously. all three got taken to the hospital without serious injury. >> i just don't know how you go from sitting there on a curb, jump up like that, that quickly. >> it's called your life. >> when you're in jeopardy, you move pretty quick. if you're looking for deep
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fried deliciousness, no better place than the fair, right? the opening day of the orange county fair in order to eat fried deliciousness. first bacon wrapped, jack daniels infused churro. it's not only that but they top it with whipped cream and give you maple syrup to dip it in. >> that sounds great. >> speaking of bacon wrapped themes that are delicious. check this out. deep fried bacon wrapped turkey leg on a stick. >> that's all kind of awesomeness. >> it's the turkey leg you get at the fair. it's the turkey leg and you just eat it. this is breaded and fried. so it looks like an enormous steroid-like fried chicken leg.
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>> viking hat deep friar. >> another thing, wondering is this going to be tasty, the deep fried dorito. this guy batters them, throws them in a big old pot of grease. you get this kind of crazy dorito on crack. there are many fried fair items in this video. if you want to see the whole thing go to "right this minute".com or check it out on the mobile app. jumping off things is their idea of a vacation. >> one does a sort of dive bomb right here. nice. >> see it next "right this minute." still to come -- >> you've got to a nerve of steel. >> one ladies brave technique to catch a whole lot of piranhas. three grannies show off their skills on the jump rope. how they prove jumping rope
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ain't just for the kids.
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nenew w ununisisomom l liqiquiu. a a ststreressssfuful l daday ya restful night. four mature women decided they were going to remember their young days on the jump rope. >> yea. >> i'm nervous. i feel like i see a broken hip like that. >> don't go for the negative. go for the positive. >> when did you become that? >> this doesn't make you nervous, your granny. >> maybe a little. but watch this. good. >> they act like they are 15 again. you would never know if you were listening to this that these women might be in their 70s,
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80s. dogdon't need doors. this video you can prove you've got to have nerves of steel to do something like this. this woman is holding entrails. what she's doing, i don't know. take your hand, put it in and fish jump up and catch it. >> what kind of fish? >> piranha. >> no way. >> she's really good wit. she fills this bucket up with piranhas. she flip flops on a slippery
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surface. if she falls in she's not coming up. if she does, part of her will be missing. >> you've already got hungry piranha. >> that is like 12 inches wide. >> something wider to stand on. you've got to find a scrap somewhere. >> those look like intestines from a cow or pig. >> that's good. that's fascinating. who needs the fishing pole and hook and line and all that amuseme muss and fuss. this video is a bit older but trending. this bird knows what's in there. that bird is trying to get in. it's having a little trouble. i love how eventually humans say, i think maybe they want water. so this guy takes the cap and then the bird is like, whew, thank you so much. >> a perfect mold for a bird.
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>> that bird not afraid of humans. >> i know what's in there. help a brother out. >> smart bird. >> this just might be the -- >> shortest bull riding attempt. >> see how going for a ride gets him -- p the whole thing.
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they have the world's record for the most mini dominos toppled. cuddly cat. ♪ ♪ >> the kid on the roof of a five-story building in this video when a video starts with this -- >> that's not what you want to
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hear. >> it's going to be great. watch. >> what the -- >> hits the pool down there. >> you're thinking it doesn't look deep, definitely not a diving pool. listen to the smack. now you're thinking this guy has got to be seriously hurt. keep watching. over to the edge, completely uninjured. co have been -- >> oh, my gosh. honestly, this looks like it's not real. >> this is the award winner for world's shortest bull riding attempt. he bounced off like he was made out of rubber. >> you're doing it wrong, dude. you started off backwards. >> this could have actually been horribly bad. the cow could have trampled on this kid. you can tell young people behind the camera, too. i don't think anybody really thought about what they were doing. >> this video going really viral
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posted all over the place. i've got to say hesitation can be super dangerous. >> oh, no. >> did she hit the water. >> of course she hit the water. she hit the other, shins, knees first. look how painful that looks. >> turns out to be worse than whatever she thought the original jump would have been. >> absolutely. she is able to at least swim herself over to the man. >> that will do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen.
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because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you love the best videos from the best, this show is for you, "right this minute." a go pro camera becomes the casualty of the tour de france until a rider -- >> picks the go pro up. >> how it's capturing the race in a way you've never seen before. a guy in a car hauler tries to ditch the cop as they try to shoot out the front


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